When I first started producing my YouTube channel, I was kind of all over the place. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t laser focused.

The game changed for me when I pictured my ideal audience. I started talking directly to dreamers and doers who loved Jesus. I wanted to encourage them on their journey by showing the success and struggles of my own… and it resonated.

Here is the reality: if you try to be everything to everybody, you won’t be anything to anybody.

Don’t think about the quantity of people when you start out… think about the quality! It’s more important to get ONE subscriber who fits your passion than ONE THOUSAND who demand things from you that make you miserable.


There are two aspects to attention: where are their eyes and how do you get to their heart?

Where are their eyes? What platform is your audience using? If it’s teenagers you should probably invest in snapchat. If it’s business men and women then you should invest in LinkedIn. Don’t make things complicated. Google demographics and figure out where they are at.

How do you get to their heart? It’s hard to gain trust in one video. That’s why I use the funnel method. Essentially, I make sure I am creating content that is deep and other content that is wide.

Here’s my funnel:

Find where to post and always go deep and wide… Not always at the same time.


People love when you document your real life and make them feel like you are best friends with them. Be authentic and share your struggles in a way that is embarrassing to you and yet empowering to them.

Social media isn’t a place to impress but it’s a place to empower. Make it more about them. Seek to be an encourager. Make a big deal about every single comment. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you win their trust at a friendship level (even if you’ve never met).

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions!

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